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Fact –  This name widely used across different nationalities as name or surname as far back as early 1800’s, however in the Spanish language with a variety of direct meaning pending the context is the most appropriate as it depicts the true nature of the Founder of the guest house and what she believed in.  Direct translated the meaning is “yours” in context - “Vengan, mi casa es la suya” “Come in, my house is Yours”

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Fact –   Marguerite, a French form of a female give name (Margaret) derived from Greek maragon.  Classically French with a remnant of old-fashioned Gallic charm.  This name means - “Pearl”

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Fact –  This Victorian name is totally artsy.  It is a name of a city at the heart of Italy and has a rock balled after its name.  This lyrical name means - “to Flower, Florish”

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Fact –  A perfect elegant name for a twinkle in your eyes with connotations of beauty, adornment and luminosity.  Marjorie is a variation of Margaret and Persian meaning -

“Child of Light”

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Fact –   A name that sounds fit for a toddler and a Roman Emperor. This dignified name with approachable and friendly nicknames Augustus means - “Great”, Majestic”

Fact –  It is genuine and the most royal name currently.  This name is the most popular Victorian name back then and now, meaning - “Pledged to God”

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Fact –   Just like today, even in Victorian era, Catherine was used in different forms.  But the original form was most dominant meaning - “Pure”

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Fact –   This name is a royal Victorian name of the 19th century.  The name is one of the epithets given to the Greek goddess Hera therefore usually taken to mean -

”Defender of Mankind”

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Fact –  This elaborate Victorian name is of Greek origin is a true gem with a strong meaning and a long history and literary ties both grand and sweet.  First used as fictional for a character in a 1581 epic poem Jerusalem Delivered with a meaning - “Sensible, Prudent”

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Fact –  This name only came into common use in the 19th Century and hails from Wales.  Many people associated the name with a mythical queen of Briton and means -

“Fair or Blessed”

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